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Periodontal Prevention and Therapy

Bacteria gather in many places of the mouth, including at or below the gum line. Periodontal Prevention and therapy reduces the likelihood of gaining periodontal disease. When the gums start bleeding while brushing your teeth, this is an indication of the presence of bacteria and subsequent irritation of the gum lining. Quick action must be taken to prevent gum disease from following, including Gingivitis. If left untreated, Gingivitis can progress into Periodontal disease. A visit to a periodontal specialist for a deep cleaning can reverse gum disease and prevent further deterioration.

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Gateway Oral Health Treatment

Once gained, the periodontal disease is difficult to manage, but can be done so through meticulous and strategic care. While meeting with Dr. Eagar, he will go over your best options of treatment both in the office and continual treatment at home. Schedule your appointment today to get started. There are many treatment and therapy options available.

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