Colleen L

After moving to the St. George area, my husband and I began our search for the right dentist.  How lucky we were to find Bryce Eagar, DDS.

Dr. Eagar completed our dental needs much to our satisfaction.  I discussed with him a snoring problem I have had for years along with headaches, sore throat and anxiety.

A recommendation was to see a sleep center which I did and their testing said a C-PAP could help.  My sleep had improved but was still not getting the results I was hoping for.

Dr. Eagar along with assistant Lynn Packer began the process of customizing an oral appliance for me.  In doing so they found that I had a very small airway, explaining much of my issues.  They adjusted the appliance, moving my bottom jaw forward, opening up my airway.

I now sleep with both the C-PAP and the oral appliance.  It did take some getting used to but I am very comfortable now and sleep like a baby.

No longer do I have a sore throat, headaches or anxiety.

Thank you to Dr. Eagar, Lynn Packer, and the fine staff at Gateway Oral Health Center for improving my overall health.  Thank for you caring and concern.